Punjabi Pornstar Gaya Patal from India

gaya patal is a punjabi pornstar from india

Gaya Patal is a Punjabi pornstar from Heryana, India that has moved to California and started in porn at a young age. She was born in 1988 and started in porn as soon as she became legal. She became famous in the Indian porn niche for her gangbang scenes while wearing a saree.

Since then Gaya Patal has began to recruit other Punjabi girls to become pornstars and appear in scenes with her which involve hardcore sex acts which include Indian lesbian action. She is a skilled porn star who puts on memorable performances that include squirting (which she learned to do after entering the porn world).

Gaya Patal has said that she is glad she left India because porn is illegal there and she wanted the freedom to explore her sexuality on film. You can tell Gaya loves being a porn star and enjoys the show she puts on for her fans!

Gaya Patal Pics:

Gaya Patal Hardcore Pussy Squirting
Gaya Patel Sucks Dick Wearing Indian Sari

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